Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poor Man's P.R. - Press Release, Part 3

Where to Send your Finely-Crafted Press Release?
The next step, of course, is making up your fax or mail-out list. For most small business owners starting out, I’d suggest a local list is the first one you should put together. It’ll require a bit of phoning or Internet searching, but it’s not difficult at all. Look up the web-sites for local radio and TV stations, local cable access shows, community and city newspapers - whatever you can think of. Often they’ll post a fax number or address to which you can direct your press release. Phone to see if there’s a features or lifestyles editor that might be interested in your story and to whom you might direct your press release. Make sure you include a fax cover page that directs your release to the person you want. And most importantly double and triple check that your name and contact information are accurate.

I hope this is useful and that you have a very successful public relations campaign.

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