Saturday, July 7, 2007

Business Idea - Bird Feeder Mogul

Be the quirky gal down the block who made her millions manufacturing bird feeders. Collect a selection of plans. Start producing and selling them by mail-order or eBay. Knockdown kits are great to market to parents looking for an easy, project to do with their kids. Sell tallow-seed mixes by mail. Obtain a list of pet-stores and gardening shops and sell at wholesale to them.

Business Idea - Steam Cleaning Service

Again the start up cost of this is not too bad, just the cost of your steam cleaner. Buy your first one used to decrease costs even further. (Check with a local equipment dealer.) You could go door-to-door cleaning car engines or you could work at truck stops cleaning truck engines and undercarriages. Or you could work late nights steam-cleaning restaurant kitchens which become caked with grease. Keep your eyes open for new ways to sell your service.