Sunday, August 5, 2007

Business Idea - Kid's Birthday Party Planner

Okay, first things first: for this business, you have to love, love, love children, energetic, high-spirited, jumping, giggling, shrieking children for hours on end. If you’re not one of these sainted ones, if you’re like me and you like kids who are sedate little bookworms, then do not for a second consider offering a children’s party service. Just skip on past this entry. No one will know. If you are, however, steely-nerved and very entertaining. If you’re a self-starter with an energy level that amazes and frightens other people and you’re well-organized and like conducting fun parties for kids, then here is your calling. Working mothers and mothers with money will cheerfully hire you to take over the show for them. You will send out the invitations, gather up the refreshments, favors, decorations, games and prizes, provide adult supervision and the clean up. In some areas there are very few people offering this type of service.

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