Friday, July 6, 2007

Business Idea - Apple Doll Maker

I’m not sure how marketable these things are, but I love them anyway. No two ever look alike. Each one is a unique reflection of the inner lives of its creator. (Hmmm... a bit too flowery there, but you get the idea.) Peel the apple under cold water to keep it from browning. Use spoons and knives to carve out the facial features. Soak in salt water for two days. Remove and hang dry for three weeks. Now decorate the face adding beads for eyes and a little acrylic paint for blush on the cheeks. Add a sawdust-filled body and clothes and coat the apple face with floor wax to preserve its appearance. In the end you’ll have neat, little wizened creatures that you can sell as folk art. Get books out of your local library for inspiration. (Try little wizards in home-made hats and gowns to cash in on the Harry Potter craze.) Send me links to pictures of your creations.

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